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I am a fifth-year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of Miami. Originally from Philadelphia, I earned a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Washington University. Currently, I am a Psychology Resident at Nemours Children's Health in Wilmington, DE and work with youth in Integrated Primary Care and the Integrated Pain and Wellness Program. I am excited by multidisciplinary teams and see them as a pathway for youth's holistic health. Prior to internship, I trained at the Mailman Center for Child Development and Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  Within my research, I study cultural strengths of Black families and specifically, racial socialization practices, which refers to the communication between youth and caregivers on race and racial experiences. I am interested in how racial socialization practices can be incorporated into community-based interventions to support young people as they cope with race-related stressors like discrimination. With these interests, I have published with colleagues and mentors on racial stress, culturally-responsive clinical practices, protective factors for youth, and community-based programs. I enjoy engaging with researchers, clinicians, and communities on topics of race, culture, and health equity. In my free time, I love being with family and friends, traveling, and going to brunch! 

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